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The qualities of leadership

The qualities of leadership
The qualities of leadership

The qualities of leadership

The qualities of Leadership: In 2017 I was appointed as a team leader at Consulta, I was now faced with the responsibility of leading a group of call centre agents and this was the most challenging journey of my life because it meant self-leadership. ~ Samuel 

Many people have undertaken the task of understanding the true qualities of a leader. Leadership one of the most sought after qualities in any organisation and business.  Once you master the art of being a leader you will have a greater advantage in life and business.

What is a leader?

The google definition of leading is “the action of leading a group of people or an organization”.
The other definitions state that leadership “is the state or position of being a leader”.

How do you lead?

As far as self-development is concerned, leadership does not start with leading others but leading yourself. Leadership starts with developing a strong character, managing time effectively, understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses and having self-control. Self-development will take your life in the direction of your goals and objectives. You can never lead other people effectively if you are not able to lead your own life, manage your finances, relationships, time and have self-discipline.
For a person to succeed in leadership, they must first focus on learning and self-development.

Identify your learning style or combination of learning styles using the link below:

Learning Style Test

Qualities of Leadership

The power of self-concept – “Self-concept is our perception or image of our abilities and our uniqueness. At first, one’s self-concept is very general and changeable… As we grow older, these self-perceptions become much more organized, detailed, and specific” (Pastorino & Doyle-Portillo, 2013).
“A self-concept is a collection of beliefs about one’s nature, unique qualities, and typical behaviour. Your self-concept is your mental picture of yourself. It is a collection of self-perceptions. For example, a self-concept might include such beliefs as ‘I am easy-going’ or ‘I am pretty’ or ‘I am hardworking” (Weiten, Dunn, & Hammer, 2012).
Take a careful look at your habits, skills and behaviour because they reflect your self-concept.

Self-esteem – Self-esteem is an individual’s subjective evaluation of their worth. Self-esteem includes beliefs about oneself as well as emotional states, such as success, discouragement, ego, and embarrassment.
If you have low self-esteem you might not be able to handle constructive criticism about your job performance. Alternatively, you can take criticism objectively, without reacting emotionally.

As a leader, you need to know your abilities, strengths, your nature, unique qualities, values and standard behaviour to set own personal improvement goals. once you master yourself you will also help other team members to understand and form their self-concept and self-esteem within the working environment.

Leaders have many qualities, such as:

• Humaneness
• Empathy
• Objectivity
• Transparency
• Accountability
• Responsibility
• Honesty
• Integrity
• Assertiveness
• Consistency

Leadership Roles

Leadership fulfil various roles including:
• being a visionary
• motivating self and others
• creating synergies
• facilitating a developmental environment

• being an innovator
• being creative


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