Relationship Management – Maintain Workplace Relationships

We spend most of our day at work with other people that come from diverse backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and levels of maturity. We work in teams that are expected to function efficiently and meet deadlines while managing interpersonal conflicts, and stereotypes.

This is why it is important to develop positive relationships with your co-workers, managers, employees and all other stakeholders in order for you to grow your own career.

The workplace is a very competitive environment, it requires a great deal of motivation, hard work, competence and courage to move up in the world of business.

You do not want to find yourself in a low trust environment, surrounded by people that you can not trust and waking up to a job that drains out your energy.

We are going to look at ways to better manage and maintain workplace relationships

What is a workplace relationship?

We can mainly define work relationships as Acquaintances – The level of contact with an acquaintance is different from a friend or family because contact with an acquaintance is minimal. Acquaintances can be people you may meet regularly and exchange an occasional ‘hello’. An acquaintance can be a colleague, a neighbour who lives close by whom you may regularly see in passing or someone you have seen a few times at a social gathering but you do not yet know well.

Strategies to establish maintain workplace relationships

1. Always keep workplace relationships professional – This might sound like a simple strategy to apply but in reality, this can be very difficult. When trying to build workplace relationships you might find yourself getting involved in your colleague’s personal lives while trying to be friendly and welcoming. You need to recognise the nature of the relationship and keep it professional.

2. Identify & Create Opportunities for Networking – Networking is developing professional, mutually serving relationships for the purpose of supporting both parties to achieve goals. The people you meet today can become your greatest resources for success tomorrow. There is will be opportunities that will arise where you can engage in networking, you just need to recognise the opportunity when it arises.

3. Discover New Contacts – there may be people in your work environment that you have not interacted with and now might be a great time to get to know them on a professional level. Share ideas, knowledge, advice, brainstorming, laughter and even your interest in sports. however for this to work the same should be done in return, also take time to listen and learn about the other person.

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