Relationship Management Through Effective Communication.

There are different types of relationships that exist in society and each type of relationship is unique and can be very useful in different situations. Relationship Management – Effective Communication. In all these types of relationships, effective communication is the glue that will hold the relationships together.

Effective Communication in a business or professional relationship is going to be my main focus in this article.

First, let’s look at and define various types of relationships. There are many types of relationships but for the purpose of this topic, we will focus on four main types of relationships.

Family Relationships

– Family relationships include siblings, other relatives such as cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who you may not see frequently. Your family is a group of close people that relate to you through blood like your parents, brothers or sisters. However other family members are related to you through a marriage like having step-parents, aunts, and uncles or even adoption into a family. Regardless of the family setup, effective communication will help with the exchange of important information and feelings.


– There are diverse levels of friendship because you may feel closer to some friends than others, like when you close to some friend over others you may call them your “best friends”. Your Friends are a group of people who are not related to you but you choose to associate with.


– The level of contact with an acquaintance is different from a friend or family because contact with an acquaintance is minimal. Acquaintances can be people you may meet regularly and exchange an occasional ‘hello’. An acquaintance can be a colleague, a neighbour who lives close by whom you may regularly see in passing or someone you have seen a few times at a social gathering but you do not yet know well.

Romantic Relationships

– This may be that classic Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra or Macbeth and Lady Macbeth type of relationship. This is the most intimate kind of relationship and that is why people who are in a romantic relationship are termed to be “in love”

In all these types of relationships, effective communication is the glue that will hold the relationships together.

Effective Communication in a business or professional relationship
In business communication, we define the communication process through a communication theory which defines communication as “the production and exchange of information and meaning by use of signs and symbols. It involves encoding and sending messages, receiving and decoding them, and synthesising information and meaning.”- Source

There are four modes of communication to consider:

Simple communication model.

Lasswell’s Communication Model (1948)

Shannon -Weaver Model

Kincaid’s Convergence Model

Communication is defined as the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. This means effective at communication can only be possible when you are willing and able to express and convey a message using different mediums (speaking, writing, body language…) in a way that will be understood by the person receiving the message and get relevant feedback in return.

If you are not effective in your communication you may send a message only to find that the person receiving the message interprets the message differently to what you intended. This may cause conflict and even a break in the relationship. This is why you should take the time to understand your audience, understand yours and their level of education, their background, their stereotypes, prejudice, pre-assumptions and other noise that may hinder the communication.

Keys to effective communication:

The ability to speak clearly and concisely, and to convey a message or explain an opinion is essential in any relationship. You should be able to speak to different people at different levels of interaction.
The ability to convey your message in writing using proper grammar is a basic necessity when communicating. Work on learning correct grammar and then learn to communicate your thoughts using correct grammar.
The ability to listen attentively and understand the speaker’s message is core to building relationships and working well with others.
The ability to share your opinion and explain how you came to that opinion. in some cases, you may even need to justify your opinion in a calm, clear way.
So pay close attention to your ability to communicate and listen attentively because this will help you manage the relationships you value and minimize conflict in your relationships.

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