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5 Daily Habits to Change Your Life


5 Daily Habits to Change Your Life

This article is about the fundamentals of the life puzzle, small things that you can change every day that will make a big difference in your life. These 5 Daily Habits to Change Your Life are concepts and you have to make them work for your life because your situation is different from someone else’s.  

5 Daily Habits to Change Your Life:

1. Philosophy 

Definition: Philosophy is a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour. 

Based on the definition provided above your philosophy is the major determining factor in how your life works out. Think of some of the decisions you have made and check if there were any errors in judgement.

Your philosophy is developed as you grow. This will include schools, parents, your experiences. All the things you have been thinking about and learned as you grow up. Your philosophy is the major determining factor of how your life works out. 

Changing your philosophy

To form a philosophy you have to think, use your mind, process ideas and get educated. When you change your philosophy you change the direction of your life. 

Some people blame their situation economy however it is their philosophy that needs to change. If you ask some people why they are not successful they will list all the things that are wrong in the world but never put their name on the list. Take all the situations around you and start changing the outcomes by having a changed philosophy. The great news is that you can start the change immediately.  

2. Attitude

Definition: Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about something.

We are affected by how we feel about the past, the future, everybody else and ourself.

Your attitude about yourself is valuable. How do you feel about your self? Do you feel like a failer or a winner? Do you feel worthy and deserving? Are you self motivated? 

Start having an attitude that says if someone else can do it then I can do it. If someone else can succeed then I can succeed.  

3. Activity ( Work )

Develop the discipline to take action and start working on your goals, dreams and aspirations.  

Do what you can do; get a list of all the things you could do but have postponed and start cleaning that up. Start taking action and doing. 

Do the best that you can; whatever you do, do it with passion and with all your strength.

4. Results

Start checking if you are getting the results you desire. Let the results tell you about your philosophy, attitude and activity. 

Make measurable progress in a reasonable amount of time. Check as often as you can if you are making good progress in a day, week, month or year.  

If you are in sales, the numbers will tell if you have achieved your goals or not. Check the numbers and the results. The results will show your business, personal relationships and overall happiness in your life. 

5. Lifestyle

Learn the art of happy living. Being happy is a study. If you wish to be happy to study happiness. Happiness is not something you postpone or something in the future. Happiness is something you design.  

Money does not make you happy but there are simple things that can give your life greater meaning and fulfilment. Simple things like giving generosity, making a positive difference in someone else’s life can give you a sense of purpose.  

These points were inspired by Jim Rohn in one of his presentations on the 5 major pieces to the life puzzle. I hope you will start working on turning your life around. Become more sophisticated and influential.

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